Asher's pov Our car came to a halt at the entrances to the blood moon pack and the other cars that followed, occupied with my army of fighters, stopped too and they all came down armed with weapons and ready to fight. I began to march towards the guards at the entrance in long fast strides and they charged towards me too. If I were them I wouldn't do that because no one had ever survived my blades whenever I slayed it; it meets whoever and that's the end for them. I smirked and began to march faster, adrenaline and anger powering me up the more as every ten seconds ticked by. I didn't let my anger blind me though, this was a strategic attack and as the alpha, I had to be in a single and arranged mind frame to be able to defeat these trolls that derived pleasure in putting werewolves through extreme pain. My heart dropped for Maya once she came to mind again and it only made my resolve to take her out of this pack at all cost harden the more. I met with the blood moon entrance guards

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