Edna's POV Loud, angry voices were coming from the gates of our quarters. A Big bang was suddenly heard, and it seemed to come from all sides of the place, so everyone in our quarters, including me got frightened by whatever it was and a lot of people decided to make a run for it. I could only suspect that the alpha had come to take his baby home anyway. That was putting it in the best possible way, because for all we knew, it was obvious that Maya was in deep trouble for what she had done. Not that what she had done was terrible anyway, but because she had laid her hand upon one of the prized babies of the alpha of the Blood moon pack. And ‘laid her hand' was only putting it too lightly too. She had beat Jason up very badly after he had begun to hit her. Jason was bleeding in multiple places and his face was swollen with cuts over it. He was even walking with a limp. Noticing that gave me two theories. One, either Maya was incredibly strong for an Omega and maybe, she was one of

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