Jason's pov I puffed out a thick cloud of smoke from the blunt I was smoking. It's Thursday night, and the routine for Thursday was to smoke, drink and have sex with any and when I say any, I mean any female in the pack except for Melissa. I believe you already know the reason for that. But unlike the past Thursday nights, I want to get the amount of fun I craved. I was with my friends but I felt like shit, at a point the alcohol lost its usual rush-push taste in my mouth. "What's wrong dude? You don't look normal?" Darl, the beta's son and my best friend asked me. "I don't know dude, everything seems bleak and hazy to me" I replied. "Maybe you should spice things up a little," Ian added. Ian was another of my best friends "maybe bursts a bit or something. That should help right?" He asked with his signature smug look "I could summon one of the shawties for you—or more" Darl added. "I'm very much capable of getting my shawty" I snapped at Darl "I'm tired of them girls bro…plus y

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