Asher's POV My eyes suddenly snapped open as I slept on my bed, and I got up with a start. Looking outside, I noticed that although it was still a bit dark, the first rays of sunshine were beginning to make their presence pronounced. I checked my watch. Five twenty four am, already morning. Another day without me knowing if my mate and Edna were alright or not. I had just had my first night sleep— more like my first sleep in days, since the last time I had got to sleep was the night before my mate had arrived. And I had only got to sleep around three in the morning today, and here I was awake around about five thirty now. I switched on the lights in my bathroom and went in, rinsing my face with some cold water and looking at it in the mirror. My eyes looked puffy. They looked red and watery each, it was tiring and frustrating to look everywhere but still not get to find out where they were. But if Edna and Maya were taken away, how? It was in fact possible that the weres from the B

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