Maya's POV 'You know that I would never let you go, do you not know, Maya?" Asher said with a large smile as he held my hands with his and looked into my eyes. 'I do hope so, Asher. But sometimes I cannot help but worry that you would leave me. For someone else, I mean." I casted my eyes downwards as I said so, feeling suddenly ashamed of my insecurity. 'Do not say such things, my dear. We were made for each other. We are mates. Leaving you would be downright outrageous, so you do not have to worry." I nodded at him as he said so, but sighed. 'Yes. But what about in public. Look at me." I said, removing my hands from his and gesturing to myself. 'Look at the condition of my skin. I have been battered and bruised, and you deserve someone who is beautiful. Most of these marks were inflicted on me with the use of silver. You are a very sweet man, Alpha Asher. You do not deserve any of this." I sighed. 'You are right. I do not deserve someone like you." Asher said with a sigh. I aver

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