Asher's pov I was losing my mind gradually and nothing Daniel said to calm me down was working. He rested his arm on my shoulder and squeezed me "don't worry Ash, they'll be fine" he said and gave me a forced smile when I glanced at him. I could literally hear his heart beating really fast so whatever he was saying to calm me down wasn't actually working, he was letting me know how scared he was too for Maya and his best friend Edna… they've been inseparable ever since we all knew each other years ago and their friendship has been tight. I actually admired it. I looked at Daniel's face and the fear was there in his eyes. I was also hoping with fear that Edna and Maya would be okay but I knew it would never take them this long to get back to the pack. If I was able to mind link with Edna then that meant they weren't far from the pack, so why was it taking them so long to get back? Or were they just disobeying me and decided to go on instead? They're fine, they're okay, you're just ov

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