Edna's pov The place was silent,my mouth was dry, my lips chapped. My head also hurt and felt heavy and the place seemed creepy as I struggled to open my eyes. I sat up once I was wide awake and conscious and looked around the dark room, trying to get accustomed to the darkness. Then I tried to move and a sharp pain shot through my wrist, I winced and felt the rope that was used to tie my hands… it burnt my palms and I pulled back immediately after realizing the rope had silver in it. I couldn't stay here though, my intuition told me I was at the blood moon pack because I could vividly remember Maya's reaction when she heard the roar at the accident scene. Even though she was half conscious, it seemed like she recognized that roar because she kept on telling me to take us away from there or leave on my own but I couldn't leave her behind… Asher was going to have my head and besides that, she's a friend so I couldn't just leave her behind and run off. I tried to loosen the rope used t

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