Chapter 9

  Sally's gaze stayed on these words for two seconds, and then quickly descended——   Donor: Sally (hereinafter referred to as Party A).   Recipient: Josh (hereinafter referred to as Party B).   It was the house where they lived after marriage.   "Why are you showing me this? You want me to sign it?", Sally threw the contract back and sneered, "I'm telling you Josh, you are dreaming!"   However, Josh did not have the slightest frustrated expression of annoyance. On the contrary, there was an unconcealable triumphant smile on his face.   He turned the contract to the last page and pushed it back in front of Sally. His index finger clicked on the signature at the end and said, "You can see clearly, am I dreaming?"   ——In the blank space behind "Party A", there are two characters of written on it: Sally Garcia.   The handwriting is the one she is most familiar with. It doesn't look like a forgery. There is also a clearly visible red fingerprint on the signature, which can match her right thumb.   The signing date of this contract turned out to be three months ago!   -Counting the days, it should be not long after Mia became pregnant.   It turns out... It turns out that they have been planning this to her a long time ago! But she was kept in the dark from beginning to end!   Sally was trembling with anger and finally squeezed out a word, "I don't remember signing this contract."   She didn't know how Josh lied to her to sign, but in her impression, she had never seen such a "House Gift Contract".   "Whether you remember it or not, you signed the name yourself, and you put your fingerprint on it yourself. I also took the contract to notarize.", Josh refused to give her a half-line explanation, only emphasizing the result, "You gave this house to me. According to the law, I am not obligated to give you even one square meter."   "Oh, and—", Josh fiddled with his mobile phone for a while, and pulled out a photo to show Sally, "I have completed the transfer procedures, this is the new real estate certificate—"   Only Josh's name is on it.   Sally stared at the photo blankly and her brain became blank in an instant.   Josh knocked on the table and recalled her sanity, "Hurry up and sign the "Divorce Agreement". I have to go to the hospital to take care of Mia. I don't have time to continue spending time with you."   "I don't want to sign it.", Sally said.   The voice was very soft, but firm.   She would never let him do as she wished before clarifying the strangeness.   "Is it interesting?", Josh frowned impatiently, "Even if you don't sign, this house will still be mine, and it's impossible to return it to you."   "I won't sign.", Sally repeated, "Let's fight over this in the court and see who can beat the other."   "You!", Josh gritted his teeth with anger.   Sally ignored him, took out a twenty banknote and pressed it on the corner of the table, and got up with her bag.   However, before taking two steps, he was stopped by Josh who had caught up.   "Think carefully.", he lowered his voice with a fierce expression on his face, "You also know what kind of people my parents are, so you are not afraid that they will make trouble in your hotel again?"   Of course, Sally was afraid.   But she couldn't show it, otherwise, she it will give Josh the control.   "Go back and ask your parents--" She evoked a sarcasm, "Have you already figured it out? They want to use their own life in exchange to two million?"   Josh's face changed, "It is illegal to kill!" He scolded in a low voice, even a panic flashed in his eyes.   "You can let them try.", Sally dropped these words and took advantage of his blank space, and quickly left the cafe.   **   Sally couldn't really keep spending more time with Josh.   It's nothing else-she didn't want to get involved with him for a moment.   But the signature on the "House Gift Contract" made her very concerned.   She was pretty sure that she had never signed such a contract, even though the handwriting and handprints belonged to her.   And the real estate certificate with the name changed--   She was surprised that without her presence, Josh could successfully complete the transfer procedures.   All this is unreasonable to the extreme.   Without a moment's hesitation, Sally drove back to the hotel immediately.   As soon as she entered the lobby, she went straight to the front desk.   "Naomi, can you check for me which room does Mr. Yale with Mr. Wilson live in?"   Generally speaking, any information of the guests cannot be disclosed to the outside world, and the seven-star high-end hotels such as the Royal Court attach great importance to this aspect.   But Sally is not an "outsider", especially she also has the identity of a "housekeeping manager".   Naomi thought she was doing work, and quickly found out Sage's room number in the system and told her.   Sally reached the floor where his room was located, and as soon as he got out of the elevator, he heard a harsh curse, "I paid for the room, why are you driving me away? Do you know who I am? Don't you dare touch me. I will your hotel famous with this!"   ——Obviously, this is a conflict between hotel guests and staff.   Although she was on vacation now, since she happened to meet him, Sally naturally couldn't just sit back and watch.   She quickened her pace and walked in the direction of the sound. After turning a corner, she saw several security guards and cleaners standing at the door of a room, seeming to be confronting someone.   When she approached, she realized that the person in the room was actually the superstar Yohana Lee.   Sally remembered that he and his crew all lived on this floor.

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