Chapter 8

  "Please say it."   "Let Yohana check out today and notify all the hotels in the Royal Court to put her on the blacklist and not allow her to check in again in the future."   "This...", the general manager hesitated. "Yohana's room was booked by the crew. This time, several of their crew members are staying in our hotel. I'm afraid that if she leaves the room, others will also retreat together..."   "Then let them retreat together.", Sage hardly hesitated, adding a bit of coldness on his face, "The imperial court can afford such a loss."   The general manager was shocked by his aura and nodded again and again, "Okay, I will make arrangements now."   **   It was a three-day holiday for nothing, but Sally was not happy at all.   She called and said Josh, "Are you free today? Let's meet."   Josh replied, "Okay, I happen to be looking for you too."   His tone was not good, as if suppressing anger.   ——Several hours, enough time for his parents to sue her.   "At half past three, the 'Zhuya Coffee' next to the People's Hospital.", Josh made a decision on his own and hung up before Sally agreed.   Sally was so angry that she would definitely not go to the appointment with his attitude if she didn't want to solve the mess as soon as possible.   At 3:30, she arrived at "Zhuya Coffee" on time.   This store is not big. It is only a dozen of tables in size, but it can be regarded as one of those that has an "excellent environment" among the small restaurants near the People's Hospital.   At this time, there were no customers in the store. As soon as Sally said that she was looking for someone, the waiter accurately led her to Josh's table.   As Sally imagined, his complexion was very bad. Seeing her coming, he didn't even say hello. His eyes were full of resentment.   Sally seemed to have seen nothing. She sat down and took the menu from the waiter.   "A cup of lemon tea, thank you.", she smiled at the waiter.   The waiter was taken aback, "Okay." Then blushed and fluttered away.   Josh's face became darker.   "We haven't gotten divorced yet, and now you're trying to seduce a man?" He stared at Sally fiercely, as if she was a sinner that a lot of people were referring to.   Sally thought it was funny, so she actually laughed.   "Ok, if you think I seduced him even if I didn't, think whatever you want." She narrowed a smile, her eyes gradually became cold, "So what right do you have to blame me?"   Josh froze and changed the subject abruptly after a few seconds, "Don't you want to get a divorce? I already signed this "Divorce Agreement", and I will go to the Civil Affairs Bureau with you tomorrow."   Seeing the folder in front of him, Sally's heart sank.   It has been less than two days since she found out that he and Mia had an affair. Even if he went to the lawyer immediately after sending her to the hospital, it was impossible to draft a formal "Divorce" so soon.   Then there is only one possibility-   This was something he had prepared a long time ago.   "How long have you been waiting for this?", Sally asked with a sneer.   Josh was startled, "What?"   "To divorce me.", Sally stared at him closely.   Josh closed his eyes guiltily, and said impatiently, "What's the point of asking this now?!"   "Heh.", Sally said, took the "Divorce Agreement" and opened it to read it carefully.   The two of them have no children, so the focus of the agreement is naturally on the division of property. Josh requested that the marital property of both parties be divided equally in strict accordance with the law.   Sally has no objection to this.   The income levels of the two of them are equal, and the split means that both parties keep their share of assets, and neither one takes advantage of others. The only thing she cares about is--   "Where is the house?"   She rummaged through the entire agreement and didn't see anything about the house.   "How do you plan to divide the house?"   This house was bought after the two of them got married. Because Josh's money was used to buy stocks, and he had no savings on hand, Sally sold her own room and office that had been enclosed for many years which was worth the down payment. On the other hand, Josh used the terms "helping to repay the mortgage" as a condition, in exchange for adding his name to the real estate certificate-but for more than a year, he has not paid a penny.   According to Sally's thoughts, the house was solely be for her, and naturally should belong to her—at most, she would give Josh a little money to make him go through the formalities and remove his name from the real estate certificate.   "Which house?", Josh asked her back, a little proud in his expression, "Sally, you know, the house we live in has nothing to do with you!"   "What do you mean?", Sally couldn't maintain the surface calm anymore, and stood up with a "swish", shocking the waiter who brought the drinks.   "You, the lemon tea you ordered." The waiter put the lemon tea on the table, quietly looked at both of them and then walked away.   After being interrupted by him in this way, Sally realized that this was a public place and slightly tempered her emotions.   "I pay the down payment, and I pay the mortgage every month. And now you're telling me that this house has nothing to do with me? Who else does it have to do with?", she tried her best to control her volume to a range that only the two of them could hear.   When Josh heard the words, he took out another document from his briefcase.   "Look at this."   At the top of the first page of the document, it is clearly written in boldface: Housing gift contract.

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