Chapter 7

  All the members of the security team looked at each other, and then looked at Sage at the same time, waiting for his next order.   Although Sally used to feel embarrassed because of the two of them, never once did she just want to dig a hole and bury herself in it.   She took a deep breath, intending to go and persuade them to leave, and as soon as she took a leg, she was stopped by Sage.   He is a whole head taller than her, and whenever two people stand together like this, she has to look up at him strenuously.   Sage lowered his head slightly and his gaze fell on her face.   His face was gloomy, as if he was in a bad mood.   "Go upstairs,", he said coldly.   Of course, Sally wanted to leave everything in front of him and hide as far as she could, but that didn't work.   "This matter started because of me, so naturally I should handle it,", she said.   "Do you want to deal with it?", Sage sneered suddenly, "How will you deal with it? You will let yourself be slapped again or pulled your hair out?"   His sarcasm was completely undisguised, so Sally's face turned red to the roots of her ears.   Sage chuckled, "Go upstairs." He repeated, "I have already called the police, and you don't need to be here."   Sally saw the determination in his eyes, "...Okay." She turned around and walked to the elevator.   After confirming that she had entered the elevator, Sage told the security team, "Lift them both up and throw them out."   He gave an order and the security team made an action.   Josh's parents rebelled frantically.   "If you dare to touch me, I will sue you! I will also be on TV and tell everyone how bad your hotel is and let everyone not to come her", she yelled.   "Wait a minute.", Sage motioned to the security team.   The security team stopped immediately.   Josh's mother thought it was her own words that scared Sage, so she got up from the ground and smiled triumphantly.   "Are you scared? If you're scared, I'll quickly call that bitch Sally out and let her go to the hospital with us! Then I will consider not sue you, but let you pay for our medical expenses!"   Sage put both hands in his trouser pockets, a pair of sharp and dark eyes locked her, and smiled lightly.   "Medicine? How much?" He asked, his tone of voice very kind.   "Two hundred thousand!", she said stiffly with her arms.   "Two hundred thousand?", Sage raised his eyebrows, "Yes."   Josh's mother was stunned by his boldness.   She was a little annoyed, and waved her hands again and said, "I was wronged, so not two hundred thousand, but five hundred thousand!"   "Five hundred thousand? That's okay.", Sage didn't hesitate at all.   Josh's father glared at her when he heard the words, stood in front of her, and said, "Five hundred thousand is too little, we want one million!"   "Let's do it.", Sage smiled deeper, "I will give you two million."   The eyes of Josh's parents suddenly widened, and there was total joy in them.   "I will buy your lives.", Sage finished the rest.   The smiles of Josh's parents froze on their faces.   ...   Sally's office is on the side of the street.   Not long after she went up, she heard the sirens from downstairs.   She opened the window and looked down, only to see a police car parked in front of the hotel. A few minutes later, two police officers came out with Josh's parents.   To her surprise, they did not resist and obediently followed the police into the car.   And the reason for this, she later heard about the front desk Naomi talking about it, "Mr. Wilson said that he would spend two million to buy their two lives, which scared them enough. Seeing the police is like seeing a savior. You have to follow the police. Go together and let the police protect them."   Naomi said happily, "Manager Sally, you didn't see the two of them afterwards, like a bereaved dog, it's particularly ridiculous."   Sally couldn't laugh.   The two had such a mess, not only ruined their images, but also hers. No matter what, in the eyes of outsiders, they were her in-laws.   **   Not surprisingly, before noon, Sally was personally "summoned" by the general manager.   She stood upright, with her hands folded in front of her respectfully, and her head hung down, quietly waiting for the coming "storm".   However, it did not.   On the contrary, the general manager actually asked her thoughtfully, "Do I need to give you a few more days off?"   Sally looked up in amazement, to see if he was possessed by something. She used to do wrong things and deserved to be scolded.   As if seeing what she was thinking in her heart, the general manager sank his face and returned to his usual stern appearance.   ——Sally actually feels a little relieved.   "What happened today, although you can't control it, is because of you after all—"   Sally's head lowered again.   "I will give you three days to deal with your personal affairs, and don't let these affect your work. If this happens again, all your year-end awards this year will be deducted."   Sally felt a "thump" in her heart and quickly assured him, "I will definitely solve my problem as soon as possible."   After Sally left the general manager's office, Sage, who had been sitting in the reception area for a long time, walked out from behind the screen.   The general manager hurriedly lost his smile and called, "Mr. Wilson."   Sage nodded slightly and sat down opposite him.   "I have followed your instructions and gave Manager Sally a holiday.", said the general manager.   "I heard it." Sage didn't have too much expression on his face, and his tone was not angry. "There is one more thing." His eyes turned cold, and the general manager couldn't help but shrink.

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