Chapter 6

  Without a word, she slapped her face.   "You still have the face to ask?!"   She made a heavy hand, and Sally's face was slapped aside by her, so her thin body shook.   Her head seemed to be more dizzy and Sally could not hear anything else.   The lobby of the hotel, which was unusually noisy , was a little weirdly quiet at the moment.   Everyone was watching them both, including the security team who was about to leave.   Sally finally eased up, and tried to say calmly, "Mom, go to my office and let's talk about it."   She stretched out her hand to pull her, but she was slapped away by her.   "Why? Are you afraid that others would know what you did?" There was cruelty on her face. The hatred in her eyes was like a poisoned knife, piercing Sally's body one by one.   "I don't go to your office. I will say it here and let your colleagues know what kind of person you are!"   Sally had a fire in her heart. On the one hand, she was worried that they were elders, on the other hand, she was afraid that others would see it, so she always treated them politely.   At this moment, her mother-in-law was completely irritated. She's holding her urge to break the jar, she said, "Okay, I'll just say it here and tell everyone so they can hear."   "You Manager Sally is my daughter-in-law."   "She has been married to my son for almost a year and has not been pregnant."   "Our family didn't dislike her and wanted to take her to the doctor. She refused to say anything, and even said cruelly to me in front of a group of relatives and embarrassed me!"   "That's it. My stupid son didn't divorce her and he has been protecting her!"   "She couldn't conceive a child. My son tried to find a surrogate girl, and she herself agreed. As a result, the girl became pregnant, and she regretted it again!"   "At the hot pot restaurant last night, she actually pushed a girl who was four months pregnant to the ground! She also spilled the hot pot soup all over her! She almost had a miscarriage, and she is still in hospital for observation!"   "Everyone tell me, how can a woman be so bad?!"   Sally has always known that her in-law's ability to reverse the story is top-notch, but at the moment when she hears the "truth" that is overly distorted in her mouth, she still feels chest tight with anger.   "Since you have ruined my image, I don't need to pretend for you and your son."   Sally straightened her back and her attitude was neither humble nor overbearing.   "First, I am not sick, and not having children is simply because I don’t want it. I have confessed to your son a long time ago. He was afraid that you could not accept it, so he kept it and did not tell you. Next, with what you said about looking for a surrogate, I didn’t even know about it. The girl who was four months pregnant was his mistress. Oh no, she’ll become his wife soon, because I’m going to divorce your son; third, the girl hit a waiter by herself, and it doesn't matter to me what she hits."   "You lied! You liar! Shameless!", Josh's mother raised her hand and wanted to hit her again.   She didn't react at that moment before she succeeded. This time, Sally quickly grasped her wrist with eyes and hands, and her movements were physically restrained.   "Whether you believe what I said or not, I don't care. Anyway, I have a clear conscience and don't care what you think of me. If you two have nothing else to say, I will go back to work."   Sally let go of her hand, and as soon as she turned around, her hair was caught.   The pain from the scalp made her gasp.   "Liar! Little bitch!", Josh's mother's frustrated voice sounded behind her, "Follow me to the hospital! Apologize to her and to my grandson who was almost killed by you!"   Sally pulled her hand subconsciously, but she held her hair tightly and refused to let it go.   She dragged her out, and the other staff in the hotel did not dare to provoke the old couple with super "combat power", so they could only stand far away and persuade her, "Auntie, don't be like this!"   "We will call the police if you don't let go!"   Such a threat would not scare her at all.   "Call the police! Just let the police come. How many years will this woman have to go to jail for killing my grandson!"   Suddenly, a cold voice sounded, "Why is it so noisy?" His tone was full of impatience.   Sage was the first to react, "Hello Mr. Wilson!"   Several front desks also hurriedly looked over, and shouted after her, "Hello, Mr. Wilson!"   Sage didn't even look at them.   He approached slowly as his eyebrows twisted into a knot.   "The security guards in your hotel don't do anything? You just let the neuroses who came from nowhere bully your manager?"   The security team obviously received the notice from above, and was a little bit scared of him.   So when he said this, the security guards who were still hesitant to wait and see all gathered around, even if Josh's mother yelled, punched and kicked.   Soon, Sally was rescued by them.   Her tied hair bun was torn apart by Josh's mother, and the face that had been swollen from that slap was also caught in the chaos just now with a blood stain.   The clothes on her body were also dragged into shape and she was extremely embarrassed.   Seeing that the security team was determined to drive them away, Josh's parents didn't just tolerate them as before, and they lay side by side on the ground with great understanding.   "It's hitting! It's killing! Is there any King Fa?" They wailed dryly at their throats, and rolled from time to time.

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