Chapter 5

  "Mr. Wilson is really generous." She evoked a sarcasm. "But everyone is grown up, and a one-night stand is nothing at all. What's more is that, a man like Mr. Wilson, is someone not everyone can sleep with. It really counts. Get up, not only do I not lose, I am afraid I have made a profit. So—"   She pushed the card back, "You can save the card by yourself. I don't need it."   Facing Sage's gloomy and unclear gaze, Sally sat up holding the quilt.   The gathered anger turned into courage. She squeezed her chin and said frivolously, "If you really want to compensate me, it's better to sleep with me a few more times."   She originally thought that Sage would be angry, maybe she would be fired in anger, but she didn't want to—   After the first moment of frustration, he raised an eyebrow and smiled somewhat jokingly.   "Okay." He said, "I'll be with you whenever you want."   **   Sally almost ran away.   She overestimated the thickness of her face and underestimated Sage's.   When leaving room "8888", she almost ran into someone.   "I'm sorry!", she hurriedly apologized, and the other party let out a "Huh". He's curious but dissatisfied.   Only then did Sally discover that it was the man who had come to stay in the hotel with Sage the day before yesterday.   He has a clear face, and his eyebrows are much softer than Sage, showing an affinity. He wears a pair of gold-rimmed glasses on the bridge of his nose, and he looks gentle with the temperament of a white-collar elite.   "I was urged by Sage to leave last time. I didn't have time to say hello. "Hello.", the man took the initiative to extend his hand to her, "My name is Xian, a lawyer who specializes in divorce lawsuits."   The word "divorce" was emphasized by him, and Sally's heart moved.   If it had not been for she's wearing Sage's large shirt and there was still an ambiguous red mark on her neck, she would definitely pull Xian to sit down and talk.   "Hello, Lawyer Xian." She held his hand and let go after two seconds, "I have something to do, so I'll leave."   "Wait—", Xian stopped her.   Sally's footsteps paused.   Xian took out a box of ointment from the pocket of his trousers and handed it to her, "This is for you."   "Scald ointment?", Sally puzzled, "What do I do with this?"   Xian pointed to her right ankle, "Didn't you get burned? Wipe this well quickly."   The place that was scalded by the hot soup the night before had no longer hurt, but there was a dark red mark.   Sally didn't expect him to notice this—they only had a brief meeting in the hotel lobby, so how could he buy her medicine?   "Thank you, Lawyer Xian." She was flattered.   Xian said, "If you want to thank me, you should thank Mr. Wilson. He bought this ointment when he went out yesterday, and left it on my car. I have something to look for at the moment, so I will send it to him by the way."   Sally was stunned.   Sage buys medicine for her? Why?   Sally took the ointment and walked back to her lounge in a trance.   She took a bath, put on a brand-new suit and skirt, tied her long hair in a bun behind her head, and applied several thick layers of concealer around her neck until she could no longer see the absurd traces of last night.   ——It seems that this will erase everything from last night.   Sage's shirt and the box of scald cream were thrown onto the bed by her.   She stared at it, thinking about how to deal with these two things.   The phone rang.   With the lesson last night, Sally didn't dare to delay, and immediately grabbed the phone and pressed the answer button.   What came from the receiver was the panic and anxious voice of Naomi at the front desk: "Manager Sally, come down quickly!"   "What's the matter?", Sally's nerves suddenly tightened.   "Two people who claim to be your parents-in-law said they want to see you. Manager Xu asked them to wait for a while and wait for your confirmation. They didn't agree and rushed in, and now they are fighting with the security..."   Sally could vaguely hear the sound of someone arguing over there.   Her wonderful pair of in-laws are of course wrong.   She quickly went downstairs.   The lobby was very chaotic, and a few people smashed into a ball--or rather, several hotel security guards were caught and beaten by two elderly people.   They beat and cursed, "Stay away! Don't you know our identity?! Don't dare to stop me!"   The lobby manager Yale brought two young girls to the side to persuade them, "Uncle and aunt, no need to make a scene. We have already called Manager Sally, and she will come down right away!"   Sally quickened her pace.   "Dad, mom.", she called.   Only then did Josh's parents stop.   Her mother-in-law glared at the security guard who had just been beaten by her, cursing, "What are you looking at? Get out of here! Just watch the door for a lifetime!"   The security guard was a sturdy young man. He got angry when he heard this, "Old lady, watch your mouth!"   "Why can't I scold you?", she stepped forward, shaking fiercely and said, "You watchdog! I will scold you whenever I want! I will scold you until you die!"   The little security guard raised his hand high.   "You still want to hit someone, don't you?", she stretched out her face to him, "Do it if you can! Do you dare to fight with me?!"   The security guard's face flushed red, and his lips were shaking with anger.   His colleague hurriedly grabbed him and whispered, "Forget it. If you hit her, the situation will get worse."   Sally stood in between them and asked her mother-in-law, "Mom, why are you and dad here?"

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