Chapter 10

  "Manager Sally!" When several cleaners saw her as if they had seen a savior, several pairs of eyes kept shining.   Yohana heard the sound and came out of the room.   She was still in a state of anger. Before Sally could speak, she pointed at her and yelled, "You are their manager, right? Could you explain to me why you suddenly let me check out? Doesn't your hotel want to do business?"   Sally was a little dazed by the scolding.   But after all, she is a person who has experienced many storms, and even have encountered unreasonable guests.   She reacted quickly and said with a smile on her face, "I'm sorry, Miss Lee, there must be some misunderstanding in this. I just rushed back from the outside and I still don't know what happened. Could you give me some time to check out the situation?"   At the same time, her brain was confused.   The imperial court is a formal hotel with a big family and a big business.   But looking at the current battles of security and cleaning, it doesn't seem like this matter is nothing.   In the entire hotel, except for the general manager, Sally couldn't think of anyone else who had the power to drive away guests.   She was about to call the general manager to ask about the situation, and the room at the end of the corridor opened the door.   Yale walked out in his pajamas.   With a stern face, there was a condensed breath that was the same as Sage's all over his body, and the kindness in the morning was not visible.   Sally thought that they had disturbed him to rest, and hurriedly apologized to him, "Mr. Yale, sorry, we have something to deal with now. If we are too noisy, I can ask someone to change a room for you."   He waved his hand, grinning slightly at her, "It's okay."   Sally was stunned again.   "It doesn't matter", what is the reason for his low pressure?   He walked straight to Sally.   Yohana obviously knew him.   "Lawyer Yale?" She was no longer arrogant and domineering and her expression was a bit nervous.   "Miss Lee.", Xian faced her without a nice face while facing Sally, his tone was polite and unfamiliar, "To let you check out is what Mr. Wilson want. As for the reason--" He curled his lips slightly, but smiled. Reaching the bottom of his eyes, "I believe you already knew it."   Sally's expression froze and the blood on her face faded little by little.   Xian added another sentence, "If you don't want to make trouble just check out quietly."   Yohana pursed her lips, turned her head into the room after tangling for a few seconds. Then, she came out with two assistants.   She was wearing a peaked cap with the brim pressed down very low, and her whole face was covered by wide sunglasses and a mask.   She didn't speak to anyone, lowered her head and hurried forward. Her assistant dragged a large suitcase behind her.   After completing the task, the security team left, and the cleaning team went into her room to clean.   Only Sally and Sage were left in the corridor.   "Aren't you on vacation?", Xian asked her.   Sally couldn't think about why he knew about her vacation, and went straight to the subject, "Do you have time now? I want you to be my lawyer."   Xian was taken aback, and then he showed another knowing smile.   "Okay,", he said.   **   Sally followed him into his room.   He asked her to sit down on the sofa and asked, "Would you like some water?"   Sally shook her head, "No need."   Xian sat on the single sofa on the side.   "You want a divorce?", he asked.   When he introduced himself before, he said that he was "specializing in divorce lawsuits," so it was not difficult to guess Sally's purpose.   "Yes." Like exposing her scars to others, Sally only felt extremely shy. She straightened her back quietly, and her hands on her legs clenched into fists.   Xian did not ask for the reason as she expected, but assumed a professional attitude and asked, "Has the property distribution been negotiated?"   Sally smiled bitterly, "I just came to you without a deal."   Xian was not surprised at all.   "How do you want to divide the properties with your ex-husband?"   Sally roughly relayed the contents of the divorce agreement.   Xian raised his eyebrows, "That's it? Where's the house? No distinction?"   "That's the problem." When she thought of the house, Sally's anger kept running up. She tried to suppress it, but her fingertips sinking into the soft flesh of her palm because of the unconscious force of her hand.   "Oh?", Xian put on an expression of "I would like to hear the details."   "The house we lived in was bought after our marriage. I paid the down payment, and I paid the loan, but the real estate certificate stated the names of me and my ex-husband. However, it was just a few hours ago, my ex-husband took out a "House Gift Contract" that I signed and has my fingerprint, saying that I had given him the house as a gift. He also went through the transfer procedures and changed the name on the real estate certificate to him alone."   Xian narrowed his eyes.   "Did you sign the name on the contract?", he asked.   Sally replied, "Looking at the handwriting, it does look like I signed it, but I have never signed this contract in my impression."   Xian pondered for a moment, "You can do a handwriting test first. If you didn't sign the contract, it's good. In case you really signed it...unless you can prove that you were deceived by your ex-husband and you don't know the content of the contract, this contract is legal."   Sally seemed to have fallen to the bottom of darkness with no hope in sight.   She didn't even know when the contract was signed, so how could she prove that she was deceived?

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