Chapter 91

They were five years older than each other. They had never been to the same school. They didn't live on the same floor and even didn't eat together. It could be said that they didn't care about each other and didn't interfere with each other. However—— Usually, when Lola punished Sally, she always mentioned "learn from your sister", so that Sally didn't like Amelie since childhood. When she was in grade two, she even had a grudge against her. She often thought that if it weren't for Amelie, her parents would have loved her. As she grew older and mentally mature, she gradually realized that even without Amelie, Lola and Aiden would not treat her as their own daughter. Because she was an illegitimate daughter with an unknown biological father, which was the proof of the dark history of Lola. She didn't hate Amelie anymore. But she couldn't feel any joy when they met again after a long separation. ——After all, there was still a thorn in her heart. Since her identity was exposed,

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