Chapter 92

"I knew Max when we were studying abroad. He was my senior, and we studied in the same university with different major. We all had our own circle of students. At that time, only he and I were the students in our school, and there was another senior who was one level higher than him. She had a boyfriend and didn't play with us much, so I was close to Max and he took good care of me. But at that time, we just had a crush on each other, It hadn't been exposed yet. It was not until I came back from abroad after graduation that I met him at a party that I knew that his parents were also good friends. Both of our parents wanted to make a match between us. We had the same idea, so after Max confessed, I agreed to be with him." It was actually a sweet love story, but Amelie's tone didn't change much when she told it. Even her expression didn't change much. Her smile was more like a formulaic one. Sally thought of the scene when she and Max were cutting cakes—— Did she see it right? While S

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