Chapter 90

But obviously, Amelie liked Max so much that she could kiss him in public regardless of her strict family education. Sally was a little envious. She envied that the person she liked could be recognized by her family. She suddenly felt a little sad. Sure enough, she was different from Amelie. Since they were born, they were destined to take two different paths. The climax lasted for a long time. Max blushed and said to Amelie, "make a wish." "Okay." Amelie put her palms together, closed her eyes and made a pious wish. Max looked at her without blinking, as if there was only her in his eyes. Half a minute later, Amelie opened her eyes and blew out the candles on the cake. The hall became bright again. Sally closed her eyes to get used to the dazzling light. Sage raised her hand to cover the light for her. Through his fingers, Sally saw the two people on the stage holding the cake knife together and cutting the beautiful cake to the bottom. Max smiled happily. However, Amel

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