Chapter 89

It was Amelie! How could she forget! October 23rd was Amelie's birthday! Sally gripped her handbag so hard that her whole hand was shaking. Before leaving the Stone family, every year, she would hide in her room alone and cover her head with a quilt, not looking at the father and son outside, not listening to their laughter. Because those scenes always reminded her that she was unwelcome, redundant and damn in this house. After a long time of memory recovery, boundless negative emotions surged up and tightly wrapped her, making her almost out of breath. The heating in the banquet hall was on very well. Her forehead was covered with a thin layer of sweat, but she was so cold that she was shivering. "Ahem." Max took the microphone from the waiter and cleared his throat. The audience fell silent immediately. The change in the atmosphere brought Sally back to her senses. She pushed the chair back and stood up with her back bent. She wanted to sneak away when Amelie found out. Ho

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