Chapter 88

He even called her several times in the afternoon of No. 23 to remind her not to forget the time. ** On October 23rd. Sally put on the dress again. It took her half a year to buy it. The wine stains on her chest were finally light after she washed them in various ways. There were few people in the banquet hall of the imperial court hotel. Besides, it was not a holiday. There were only two floors in the hall. Sally inquired in the lobby of the first floor and found the destination easily. Outside the banquet hall, there were balloons of various colors and shapes on the wall. The most conspicuous place was "HappyBirthday" written in English. ——It was not a big deal. The door of the banquet hall was open and people were walking inside. Sally could hear them exclaim every time she entered. Driven by curiosity, she quickened her pace. However, as soon as she reached the door, she was stopped by a waiter with a register in his arms. "May I know your name?" Max didn't send the in

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