Chapter 79

"I'm sorry." Sally couldn't answer any of Wei's questions. "I have been separated from him for a period of time. After he had a car accident and was sent to the hospital, I only met him once, without any connection." "You are right." Wei raised her eyebrows and wrote down the notes on the notebook. "His family all think that what you broadcast irritated him. What do you think of it?" He raised his head and stared at Sally sharply. It was the first time that Sally had been interrogated by the police as a suspect. She was inevitably a little flustered. She licked her dry lips and was about to defend herself, However, the Xian intelligence agency had taken away Moore, "First, Josh lives in the hospital, and there are less than five channels that people can receive from the TV in people's Hospital's ward. It can be seen that he doesn't have the conditions to watch Sally's live streaming, so Sally's live streaming doesn't exist to stimulate him. Second, of course, he may hear other peop

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