Chapter 78

She forced a smile and said, "I am in good health, so it's okay even the wind blows. It's you, you shouldn’t catch the cold anymore." As she talked, she wrapped the windbreaker around him and pulled the collar all the way to his chin, only showing his pale face. Sage still resisted but was held down by her. "Can you listen to me?" She looked at him and her eyes were full of helplessness. Sage was startled. "Oh." After a while, he lowered his eyes indifferently his face has somehow changed. Sage did not make any more trouble, but Sally did not dare to relax at all. At that time, she just wanted to leave, and forgot to put the thermometer and his medicine into the bag, so now, she can do nothing except to be in a hurry. "Do you a fever?", she asked Sage. "I don't know." Except for the coldness, Sage had no other feelings. Sally probed his forehead. "It seems to be hotter than this morning." She frowned, and her heart panicked again. Sure enough, she sh

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