Chapter 80

As soon as they reached the door of the emergency building, a nurse called them. Xian gave her his phone number before leaving. "I just went to the ward and found that there was no one on the bed! The patient had to pull out the needle before the infusion was half finished!" The nurse said anxiously, "I've asked other nurses, but I haven't seen him. Did he go to see you?" "No." Xian quickened his pace and gave Sally a hint with his eyes, "when did he disappear?" "I don't know..." the nurse was about to cry. "There are always many emergency patients. I just have time now. I want to go to see if he has woken up. I don't know..." Xian called Sage immediately. The phone was connected, but no one answered it. Xian panicked. Ignoring Sally, they trotted to the nursing station. The sudden disappearance of the patient was a big deal, especially when someone jumped off the building just now. Everyone was afraid of getting into trouble again, so only one nurse was left on duty in the nurs

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