Chapter 69

  Sally plucked her coat with courage and asked after getting his attention, "Aren't we going to take the cable car?"   Sage emptied his pocket and had nothing but a mobile phone.   He said frankly, "I have no money."   Unfortunately, Sally didn't bring, either.   The staff at the cable car ticket office said, "Sorry, we only accept cash payment here."   Sally could only follow Sage uphill.   The only thing she was fortunate was that she wore a pair of sneakers when she went out today.   Sally is usually too busy at work. Once on vacation, she is paralyzed at home and hardly exercises. As a result, her physical strength is extremely poor. After only half an hour of climbing, she was panting, standing on her knees by the side of the mountain road and unable to lift her legs. .   Sage's speed was about the same as hers, always maintaining a position two or three steps higher than her. As soon as she stopped, he quickly turned back.

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