Chapter 70

  In just such a short time, Sage's back was soaked in rain, and his white shirt became translucent, which was tightly attached to his body.   Sally wanted to tear off his coat and return it to him, but he stopped it.   "Be obedient." He pressed her head lightly, with an inconspicuous majesty in his plain tone.   Sally silently followed behind him and felt that his back became extraordinarily tall at this moment.   Almost a century later, Sally was already dizzy with exhaustion, and there was only endless buzzing sound in her ears. She lifted her leg mechanically, but when she stepped on it, she stepped into the air, and landed on Sage's back.   Sage's free hand quickly moved backwards and caught her firmly.   He turned his head and looked at the lying woman’s half-closed eyes   The woman on her back, who was about to faint, sighed helplessly.   "We’re almost at the top of the mountain,", he said.   This simple sentence was

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