Chapter 68

  Xian sat down and drank two cups of tea with the director, and vaguely mentioned his dissatisfaction with the program group of the "Gold Medal Mediation Room", and casually revealed, "The slandered Ms. Sally is my and Mr. Wilson’s good friend."   The head of the station was frightened in a cold sweat, and immediately said that he would cut off the show, and would hold a meeting to hold the relevant personnel of the program group accountable.   Xian pursed his lips and smiled, "Then I will wait for the good news."   Sally was congratulated by many people.   The general manager also called and said that he was applying for her reinstatement from above, and it was estimated that she would be able to return to work in the imperial court next week.   Sally thanked him.   **   On Saturday morning, Sally received a call from Sage.   He was already waiting downstairs.   She was afraid that he would wait too long, so she only chan

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