Chapter 65

  She snorted, clutched her sore nose, and looked at the man's face—   "Mr. Wilson?" She opened her eyes wide in surprise.   And standing two steps away from Sage, who is communicating with other people, is Xian.   "Why are you here?"   Sage did not answer her question, but grabbed her wrist.   "Let ‘s go." He spit out a word coldly.   His steps were very large, and Sally was dragged by him, and it took a trot to keep up with him.   Sage's car was parked near the surgical building. He stuffed Sally into the back seat and sat on the other side.   Within a few minutes, Xian also got into the car.   "Did you come here by yourself or the police called you?", Xian asked Sally.   "Zee told me that my mother-in-law was going to jump off the building. I'll come and see if it's her." Sally replied.   Sage frowned, "You still left after reading it? What are you doing there? Are you waiting to be corrupted by her again?"

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