Chapter 64

  Seeing such a reversal, Sally didn't feel the slightest joy in her heart, only a sense of relief from the burden.   Most people can't imagine what she endured this week.   If her mentality is a little weaker, she might have collapsed. If that happens, how can she comeback?   Zee was much happier than her. The smile on her face was so big that she couldn't hide it.   "Let me say that those people deserved the crime!" She was reading the comments online while drinking a beer bought by her assistant. "The bad show "Gold Medal Mediation Room" should have been stopped long ago! It's weird that some mothers-in-laws still chase after them every day!"   Sally took a sip of wine and again hung up the call from the editor of the "Gold Medal Mediation Room".   "Yeah, it should have stopped long ago." She echoed Zee.   Her mobile phone kept ringing. In addition to phone calls, there were text messages and WeChat messages. The senders included vari

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