Chapter 63

  "I stayed in the hospital until Mrs. Linda Garcia was awake, but the first thing she did when she woke up was to drag me to Mr. Garcia's ward, and wanted me to take care of Mr. Garcia."   "It was also at this time that I learned that Mr. Garcia was hit with hemiplegia, and he will be bed ridden for the rest of his life, so Mrs. Linda Garcia was anxious to get rid of this ‘burden’."   "Compared to his parents, Mr. Garcia was more ashamed. He let me leave and said that he would never let his parents bother me in the future."   "But after a while, I received a call from the nurse, saying that he could not find Mr. Garcia’s parents, so they could only contact me through my mobile phone number left by Mrs. Linda Garcia, and asked me to go to the hospital to pay Mr. Garcia’s medical expenses."   The nurse who called Sally the last time entered the live broadcast room and told her in detail what happened that night.   "Finally, let me talk about why Mrs. L

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