Chapter 62

  "As for the things Mrs. Linda Garcia said, I will explain and clarify one by one later. First of all, I want to explain that I am ready to go through legal proceedings to sue Mrs. Linda Garcia and the "Gold Medal Mediation Room" program team for defamation. Letter from the lawyer. It has been drawn up—"   Sally took out the lawyer's letter she had prepared from her bag, unfolded it and showed it to the camera, "It will be sent out tomorrow."   Xian, who was watching the live broadcast outside, instantly got a goose bump: "When did she go to find the lawyer?! Why didn't she find me?! Does she look down on me?! Does she not know that I will not only fight for divorce?!"   Zee's little assistant glanced at him, and silently moved aside.   Sage stared at him for an instant.   The computer screen didn't even bother him at all.   After the presentation, Sally carefully put away the lawyer's letter.   "Okay, let's get to the topic now."

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