Chapter 66

  "Of course, I can call Miss Sally, and I can ask her to take back those words she said last night." Xian naturally moved half a foot forward, staring at her, and never moved away for more than half a second. But will those who have been deceived by you trust you again?"   Linda was stopped by him. Her eyes rolled around, seeming to be thinking about how to answer his question.   "Actually, this incident was not Ms. Sally's fault from beginning to end. What you should blame most is the show "Gold Medal Mediation Room" and the person who coaxed you to go on the show." Xian said politely. "Think about it. If you didn't show up on that show and were not guided to say those false things on the show, wouldn't you have the results today?"   Linda was really bluffed by his fallacy and she was thinking about the logic in it seriously.   Xian moved half of his foot forward, and continued, "As long as you can tell me who lied to you to go to the show, I can help you

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