Chapter 59

  In the office of the president on the top floor of the Hamelin branch of Globex Group.   Xian slid his mobile phone and read the articles published by a certain gossip public account for that issue of the "Gold Medal Mediation Room" at a glance.   "Hey, the views are basically the same as those in the previous articles Everything was changed." He pushed his glasses and looked at someone who was buried in the document. "This batch of media accounts are all owned by the same company. Either this company deliberately creates social hot spots to defraud or someone has spent money on Sally."   Sage glanced at him coolly, "You seem to care about Sally?"   Xian sneered, "Not as much as you care about Nina."   The chill in Sage's body immediately subsided a lot.   "I heard that many netizens complained about Sally to Wanghee Hotel and Medex Group. How about it, do you want to help her settle it?", Xian asked.   Sage remembered a report he had

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