Chapter 60

  When she learned that the person scolded by thousands of people was her "lucky charm", she immediately found Sally and asked, "Do you need me to clarify things for you?"   Every live broadcast of Zee is watched by millions of people and its influence on the Internet cannot be underestimated.   Sally's answer at the time was: "You don't need to say anything, I will do it myself."   **   Zee sent Sally an address and asked her to go there before 7pm.   "Globex Building B 4507?", Sally was full of doubts.   Zee clearly said that it was her live studio. However, the "Globex Building" was just completed at the beginning of this year and was operating not long ago. As the "base" of the Globex Group's Hamelin Branch, it is not leased or sold.   In other words, all employees of Globex Group can get in.   "Because this is the studio provided by the company, Yali Live is owned by Globex Group.", Zee explained.   **   With a

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