Chapter 58

  "His dad and I called my daughter-in-law, but still couldn't get through. Knowing that even if we go to the hotel to find her, we can't find her, so I thought of asking your program team for help."   "Sally." Linda looked directly at the camera, her eyes flickering with tears, "I know that I used to treat you badly, and that you don't like me, but Josh is innocent! Josh is sincere. He loves you and has been defending you in front of me and his dad..." Her voice trembled, "Yes, Josh is paralyzed and can't do anything and it would be a burden to you. If it’s right to kidnap you and ask you to continue to be with Josh, we could have done it, but we won’t. We just want to beg you to go to the hospital to see Josh! He really misses you!"   Linda lowered her head again to hide her face and sobbed, and her husband consistently comforted her.   The shot was given to the host at this moment.   "According to the rules of our program, the other party involved in the

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