Chapter 55

  "Okay." Sally made up her mind, and later followed Sage, quiet and working hard to repay the debt of 1.5 million.   "But you have to tell me in advance, how long should I pretend to be your girlfriend?"   She must not take a deal with Sage lightly.   "Until when?" Sage pondered for a moment, "half a year?"   "Will it be a long time?" Sally just imagined it, feeling that it would be hard to be tied up with Sage for half a year.   Sage's eyes turned cold, as if he was extremely dissatisfied with her bargaining.   "It's just a quarter of your total time to pay back the money in installments, and I don't have this kind of entertainment every month." He paused, and evoked a sarcasm. "Of course, I won't force you to agree. Meaning, if you don’t want to, you can choose to pay back the money tomorrow."   He clearly meant to force her to agree! But she didn't have the ability to resist.   Sally gritted her teeth, "Okay! Six months!"

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