Chapter 54

  She has never bought high-priced, but it does not prevent her from understanding the market in this area.   It would probably cost her hundreds of thousands.   She silently calculated her savings... it should be enough.   It's just that after the loss, maybe she would just drink porridge and eat steamed buns every day.   "I have already paid for this skirt, so it's all mine.", Sage said.   Although she knew that Sage was rich, his large-scale work was beyond Sally's expectations.   Not for anything else-even if he buys this suit, it's useless.   He couldn't wear it himself, so he wouldn't give it to her for nothing. As to whether to give it to others, Sally believes that Sage is not so shabby yet.   Of course, regardless of whether he bought the clothes or not, she would have to pay for the money.   "Give me your bank account number, and I will transfer the money to you when the bank opens tomorrow."   "No, I don't

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