Chapter 56

  Sally didn't say a word while quietly waiting for the other party to speak.   "We have been entrusted by your mother-in-law, Mrs. Linda Garcia, to invite you to our program to end the misunderstanding between you and her."   Sally had the dream of going on TV when she was very young, but she never thought it would be in this form.   She only found it ridiculous, and at the same time, she admired her ex-mother-in-law's effort to find such show. She used the word "misunderstanding" lightly and perfunctorily.   "Sorry, I'm not going.", Sally rebuffed.   "Ms. Sally, please think about it again. Our program team and your mother-in-law are very sincere.", the short-haired female editor persuaded her.   "Sorry." Sally didn't intend to give them room for discussion, and directly opened the door and invited them out.   Another long-haired female editor suddenly asked her: "Ms. Sally, do you disagree with the show because of your guilty conscien

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