Chapter 51

  This is a big mess. Almost all apps on Sally's mobile phone have related news feeds. Of course, it is impossible for her not to know it.   "That's it, I'll send you off.", Max strode ahead.   With her mobile phone still in his hand, Sally had to strenuously follow up in small steps.   Going down to the first floor, Max stopped and turned to ask her, "You go ahead. Do you want to tell Mr. Wilson?"   Sally nodded, "I do."   The crowd in the hall dispersed. Three or two gathered together to drink and chat. Sally searched all the time, but did not see Sage.   "Looking for Mr. Wilson?" Nina stood behind her silently and patted her on the shoulder.   Sally was so frightened that her heart was about to jump out, but fortunately, she covered her mouth in time, so she didn't make a humiliating scream.   "Yes, did you see him?"   "Yeah." Nina pointed backwards, "Two minutes before you got downstairs, he went to the backyard." Her e

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