Chapter 50

  She sent them a group message: "Do you have Mia Mendez's cell phone number? Can you send it to me?"   Several people replied to her: "Isn’t Mia Mendez in jail? Why do you want her phone number?"   Sally was stunned.   She picked a relatively familiar one and asked, "When did Mia Mendez go to jail? What did she commit?"   The other party was "typing" for a long time, and then a very long message popped up: "Just not long ago! Don't you know? Mia Mendez seems to have depression or bipolar disorder after a miscarriage. She always quarreled with her supervisor every day, and then somehow made a big noise, and actually drove him into a collision with the supervisor! Someone called the police, and Mia Mendez was quickly arrested. The supervisor was seriously injured. Our department colleagues two days ago I saw her once, and I heard that she suffered comma. She’ll be bed ridden for the rest of her life!"   Sally didn't expect the truth of the matter to be

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