Chapter 49

  Sally had no time to get angry with her, and no time to investigate whether she did it on purpose.   At this moment, the only thing she cares about is: this skirt is ruined, how much does she have to pay Vivian?   She handed a maid along, asked the location of the bathroom, and went all the way to the second floor.   It happened that someone came out of the bathroom, and the moment Sally passed him by, he asked, "Ms. Sally?"   The voice was a bit familiar, and Sally stopped and glanced back.   It was Max!   Max looked at her aggrievedly, like a big abandoned dog.   "Ms. Sally, I have been waiting for you to call me."   Only then did Sally remember this.   She smiled embarrassedly, "I'm sorry, I have been recuperating at home since that day, and I haven't seen Mr. Wilson, so I didn't even think about contacting you..."   Max was easily distracted by her, "Is your injury is healed?" He glanced at the position of her

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