Chapter 52

  He took off his coat and handed it to her, "The temperature is low at night and you’re wearing too short."   Sally did not reject him this time.   Her skirt is too thin, and that layer of gauze can't hold back anything.   Although Max's coat can only cover the upper body, it is at least better than nothing.   She went straight to the spine surgery department.   Fortunately, there are no people in the surgical building at night, otherwise her weird look will definitely attract a lot of people's onlookers.   In the nurse's station, several nurses are doing their own things quietly.   Sally walked over and asked, "Who is the nurse in charge of Josh Garcia?"   A nurse raised her head and stared at her several times, before finally diverting her attention from her dress.   "I am." The nurse said, "Are you Josh Garcia's... ex-wife?"   "Yes." Sally nodded and went straight to the subject: "Where should I pay?"   "N

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