Chapter 44

  "Mr. Wilson!" Yohana's eyes were filled with tears at some point.   She ran to Sage quickly, squeezed Sally into her arms, stretched out her arms and hugged her narrow waist firmly.   "I knew something went wrong last time! It was the company's arrangement, not my intention! Please let it go!"   She buried her face in Sage's chest, and her tears and her nose were glued to his white shirt.   Sage's face turned green, and a steady stream of cold air radiated from his body.   Yohana, who was rubbing her nose leaning against him, couldn't help but shivered, and Vivian also took a small step back in fear.   However, Yohana was still ignorant. As her face rubbed against his chest and her lower body was close to him, she secretly pushed forward.   "I am willing to do anything! As long as you don't let those film and television companies block me again!"   After failing to climb the bed last time, she was driven out of the imperial cour

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