Chapter 45

  "Miss Wang may not understand what I mean." Sage curled his lips slightly, but his eyes were cold, "I asked you to call the security guard to drive her out."   Everyone present was taken aback, Yohana's sobbing also stopped for two seconds.   Vivian gritted her teeth, "We will do as Mr. Wilson said!"   But how can Yohana make them do what they want?   This is her last chance. If someone is really kicked out from here, her life will be completely over.   She pulled away the hands of those people, climbed up to Sage and hugged his legs. Sally actually felt a bit familiar with this scene as if it had been performed on her not long ago.   "Mr. Wilson, have pity on me! I really didn't mean it! I absolutely don't think of you too much! You just assume that nothing has happened, and I won't provoke you again." Yohana cried and looked pity.   Everyone who is present showed unbearable expressions, but Sage remained indifferent.   Sally c

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