Chapter 43

  "Hey Yohana!" Before Vivian had time to stop her. He stomped her foot but could only catch up.   Yohana was ready to confront the strong guest Vivian said, but the third floor was empty.   "Where are they?" She asked Vivian, looking suspiciously on her face. "Aren't you lying to me?"   "Why would I lie to you?" Vivian quickly retorted, "What good can it do for me?"   She turned and glanced around, and indeed did not see a single figure.   On the third floor, there is only one fitting room where guests can be found.   ——The curtain is stretched tightly, which is a sign that there is someone inside.   But both of them are...   Some unsuitable images flashed in her mind.   "They’re probably trying on clothes." Vivian pushed Yohana, lowered her voice and urged, " Make it quick. Take this opportunity. Hurry up and choose your clothes!"   Yohana was a little upset, "I'm a big star, but why would I pick a dress like a thi

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