Chapter 42

  "Okay." Sage didn't hesitate for a moment.   He opened the curtain and stepped in with a flash.   This fitting room looks very simple from the outside, but it looks magical inside.   In addition to a huge mirror that occupies a whole wall, there is also a table, a high stool, and a nearly two-meter-wide cabinet full of drawers.   Sally turned her back to Sage, rubbed the back of her neck with one hand, and lifted her long hair.   What she is trying on now is a long tube top dress. It is thin as a cicada-wing gauze and the upper body and skirt are covered with white cornflowers.   The white petals and her fair skin complemented each other, making her look like a fairy. Then it has a zipper on the back which is only halfway down.   However, Sage's attention was all focused on her bare neck and fragrant shoulders.   He was a full head higher than her, so he could even see the delicate and sexy collarbone in front of her.   S

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