Chapter 41

  "Yohana~ Why didn't you tell me in advance that you would come over?", she groaned.   Yohana glared, "I don't often come over without telling you in advance? But this is the first time I was stopped downstairs by your staff."   She still had a stinking face, but in front of Vivian, she lost her arrogance that she had just dealt with the small staff, and she only complained in a bad tone.   Vivian hugged her arm affectionately, and softly persuaded her, "That's because the third floor was booked today! You just go down and wait a while. I will be finish soon and style you immediately."   "No.", Yohana said.   Seeing the smile on Vivian's face froze, her attitude quickly softened and showed an aggrieved expression.   "I'm going to a dinner party today and it will start at seven o'clock, so I have to leave at 6:30 at the latest. You know, every time you do styling, it takes two or three hours..."   Vivian and Yohana have cooperated many t

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