Chapter 40

  The first floor of the studio is the lobby for receiving guests, which is brightly decorated.   "Do you two have an appointment?", a young girl in fashionable dress greeted her and asked with a smile.   Sage said Xian's name.   The smile on the girl's face widened quickly, "It turned out to be Mr. Yale! Please follow me here!"   They stepped on the rotating staircase in the center of the hall and went directly to the third floor.   "Vivian is waiting for you." The girl bent over and made a pleasing gesture.   Sally followed Sage inward, observing the surrounding environment as she walked.   The entire third floor has been opened up and there are no compartments, but it shows rows of clothes which were arranged in an orderly manner according to the year and season of the market.   In the innermost place, there is a warm yellow curtain. Directly in front of the curtain is a fabric sofa with a person sitting on it.   Hearing

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