Chapter 37

  It was the patient next to the bed who screamed.   She shrank into the corner, shivering, and said to Josh's mother, "Mother, don't think about it!"   Josh's mother squatted on the ground, in the middle of the overturned pool of hot water.   She held a piece of silver thermos flask in her hand, and the sharpest end was against her neck.   "If you don't come with me to see Josh, I will die here! I will die in front of you and make your conscience restless for a lifetime!" She glared at Sally with bloodshot eyes and an extremely decisive expression on her face.   Sally admitted that at this moment, she was shocked by her.   So she forgot how afraid she is of death, how treacherous, and how shameless Josh's mother was, so she agreed to her request in panic.   **   Josh has been out of danger, was transferred from the intensive care unit, and now lives in the general ward of spinal surgery.   There is a three-person room in t

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