Chapter 38

  "39 and a half degree?" The nurse was surprised. "That's serious."   She and Sally moved her to the hospital bed where Josh's dad had just been lying on, and took her temperature again.   "It's 38 degrees point 1, still a high fever. Since she just had an IV fluid, I'll bring two ice packs over, and you can apply a compress to her."   The nurse brought the ice pack, but Josh's dad didn't take it.   "I'm going out to smoke a cigarette.", he dropped these words and left the ward.   Sally wanted to leave too, but the nurse looked at her with scorching eyes, and she had to hold the ice bag in her hand.   She resigned herself to sitting next to Josh's mother's bed and put the ice pack on her forehead.   Josh moved his neck again and turned his head to look at her.   "Today...I'm sorry to trouble you.", he murmured, apologetic in his eyes.   Sally pressed her lips tightly, but did not answer his words.   Josh's eyes dimm

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