Chapter 36

  Affected by the typhoon, the city has experienced torrential rains for a week in succession, so water accumulated everywhere in the city and the calves could not be seen in the deep places.   Due to the inconvenience of driving, most citizens choose public transportation to travel. In this week, whether it was peak or off-peak or whether it's a subway line or other means of public transport, they're all overcrowded.   However, under such harsh conditions, Josh's mother has not been absent for a day, and she is simply more "dedicated" than the hotel staff.   Holding a big black umbrella, she squatted in the corner close to the wall, shrinking as much as possible to reduce the probability of getting wet from the rain.   When she was hungry, she took out the steamed buns she had brought and took two bites. When she was thirsty, she drank hot water pre-filled in a thermos.   Her appearance was very pitiful, and it still aroused some people's sympathy.

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