Chapter 35

  She glanced at the bill in her hand. The top one alone was worth 10,000. If all of them add up...   Seeing the hesitation on her face, she wiped a tear, and then wailed again in her throat, "The nurse said, if we don't pay any more, they will just let us take Josh home... Josh suffered so much. The injury, it's been a day, and the dangerous period has not passed... If the hospital does not accept him, he might die. You are her wife! How can you ignore him at this time!"   Her last two sentences were extremely misleading. Many people in the line at the bill payment office immediately cast condemning or contemptuous glances at Sally.   Sally turned around and tried her best not to look at them in order to reduce his psychological pressure.   She had already seen enough and it's better not to show up her face.   She took the bill over and flipped through it, and calculated it hastily. The total cost was more than 30,000.   Thirty thousand is not

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