Chapter 34

  "I've heard about this. He has accepted bribes and embezzled public funds in the Mendez Group over the years, and he was greedy about 100 million. Recently, this matter was found out by the Medex. He has to go to jail."   "This plot is so serious, I'm afraid he will have to stay there for ten years, right?"   "That's not all. Medex's newly appointed president has great methods! The high-level management, who got down this time, plus Richard Mendez, totaled seven or eight. I'm afraid that their group will be shuffled."   Sally only saw this.   Later, they began to talk about the impact of this incident on the stock market and business ecology. She didn't understand and had no interest, so she simply close it.   The news about Richard Mendez accident was still very shocking to Sally.   People who are more powerful than their general manager, also fell down.   But thinking about what he had done to her, he did not surprise Sally in the le

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